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My Journal Entry from June 15, 2015

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June 15, 2015 (Journal Entry)

(note the date “1” Unity; “5” Grace)

I was awakened early this morning by the Lord who spoke, “do not unite with interference”. As always I try to record what the Lord says, they are nuggets of gold, a treasure that I cannot create or imitate. I medi…

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The Kingdom Weigh

The Kingdom Weigh. A 12 Week Spiritual Weight Loss  & Life Energizing Program; Health in Spirit, Soul & Body

The Kingdom Weigh: A 12 Lesson Spiritual Weight Loss & Life Energizing Program; Health for Spirit, Soul & Body


NEWLY RELEASED: Workbook with mini lessons. Use as a self-help or with a series of teachings by  Rev. Cathy Dickson. Contact:  rev.cathy.dick…

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Word of the Lord for 2015

Word of the Lord for 2015


WORD OF THE LORD FOR 2015 by Rev. Cathy Dickson

Recently, I saw in a vision an AK47 beside me and another Christian. I hear the Lord saying that He is arming His children for battle, not with weapons of flesh, but with spiritual weaponry that i…

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The Voice of Many Waters

The Voice of Many Waters

As I drove to church early this morning, I met the Lord in my vehicle in a holy place within myself. He spoke of the vision He gave me, my purpose, my destiny and so much more. The minister this morning confirmed much of what God was speaking to me in that …

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Word of the Lord for the year 5775

The Word of the Lord for the Church 2014…”Purity and Perfection in the Hands of God’s Grace

Image                    The Word of the Lord for 2014 (Hebrew year 5775) Pastor Cathy,


I felt the Lord said to use the Hebrew year as the prophetic timing of what …

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